Failing Celebrity Marriages, What Are They Doing Wrong?

March 14, 2017

We all at a certain age have imagined how our dream wedding will turn out, the glitz and glamour, the guests and food. But do we really think about the marriage itself, do we think about how life would be living with the person we chose to spend the rest of our lives with?

People marry for different reasons; some for money, fame and social status, some for love and love always conquers all things…..or so we were made to think. Every time my heart gets broken, I ask myself why the ‘love’ we felt at the beginning was not enough to keep the relationship, same thing I ask myself when I hear that somebody’s marriage has crashed.

I’m going to focus on celebrity marriages today especially the ones that crashed with a lot of controversy following it. I will try my possible best not to be judgmental and biased.

Toke Makinwa has been my woman crush for as long as I can remember, I started listening to her on the radio and I absolutely fell in love with her voice. She is the sole reason why at one point in my life I believed that I could be a radio girl too.

I was genuinely happy when I heard that she had secretly married her long time boo and I thought that having a secret wedding was the best option as it might keep them out of the spotlight and they could focus on their marriage. so it came as a heart breaking shock when two years down the line, I heard that they split.

Did I mention that I love her book “On Becoming”? I love it a lot and I also love the fact that she is cashing in and slaying in every corner. Judging from her book, I loved the way she handled everything even though I was really mad to find out that she was with a man who didn’t appreciate her for so long.

My advice to girls is that they should never think that a man would change for them, he won’t oo!!! It takes the special grace of God. If you notice anything off, biko don’t think marriage will change the “offness” walk out of the relationship with your head high.

Tiwa Savage melted my heart with “kele Kele Love”, I was in secondary school but I knew that song and sang it like it was my school anthem…her voice was like cold water on a very hot day. Her wedding ceremony was simple with subtle pomp and pageantry and they were the ultimate couple.....well that was until Tee Billz decided to have a very public meltdown.

I wasn't very pleased with the way the whole matter quickly escalated with Uncle Tunji trying to commit suicide and Aunty Tiwa deciding to grant a very unnecessary interview. If Tiwa Savage has a PR team, she should have fired them for not advising against the interview. In my own opinion, she should have released a press statement requesting for privacy while she handled her personal matters. 

I know this happened last year but just look at the way Emeka Ike handled his own divorce, he asked that nobody should meddle into his affairs and he would speak about the divorce only when he is ready and the media respected his wish,no one talks about his divorce unless there is a new development. 

The most recent one is Tonto Dikeh and Oladunni Churchill but that will be a topic of another day because a new story might pop up again, claims and counter-claims so let me just grab and popcorn and be watching.

My parting words goes like this: Celebrities should know that journalists, the media and people of the blogosphere are "Grief Vampires", they live off your grief and make money off your calamities. Stop granting unnecessary interviews and leave your marital affairs out of social media.

You did not invite your fans for your weddings, we did not eat your jollof or collect wedding souvenirs so please don't come and be sharing your problems with us.

Written by a concerned fan
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  1. They live to entertain us, therefore crash what may as far as we get entertained.

  2. Hahaha! The conclusion tho! The writer is a savage 😂

  3. Nice one! Your article is constructive. Well done... I love it but if I must say, celebrity gossip is a spotlight for media goons all over the world. We may not be there when met and how they met, when they marry or how many were in attendance but we would definitely know who slaps or cheat first in marriage.

  4. Your blog is very useful for me.I really like you post.Thanks for sharing.



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