Gifty Has Joined The "Crying Celebs" With New Interview

March 14, 2017

I think this is ridiculous, this new trend of granting interviews and shedding crocodile tears while talking about how bad your marriage was and other stuffs that is not our business.

Gifty was a nobody until Big Brother Naija......don't get me wrong oooo, i'm talking on personal levels here. I didn't know her until I heard that somebody somewhere said she doesn't know Falz and Banky W..#wehdonema

I am sure we all saw the pictures of Gifty's wedding flying about and she denied it every time she was asked so why did she come out today to talk about it? why did she finally admit that she was indeed married?

I think this is just for cheap publicity, she is trying her best to remain relevant but babe please while trying to be "relevant" please do not ruin other people's image. The poor guy she was married to hasn't come out to say anything and I think he is the victim here because he was married to a thirsty attention seeker.

Here is what she said:

"I was 19. I didn't know what the whole marriage thing was all about. It felt entering into adulthood overnight. The marriage was just traditionally recognized. It wasn't legal although we did the traditional and white wedding. 
There was no court wedding. The bride price was returned. What I experienced..I don't wish for you to experience it because I passed through a lot and people out there judge me because they don't even know what I have been through."

Our celebrities should please desist from this ugly trend, like i said in my former post, stop giving journalists and media houses the opportunity to feast on your grief, instead of coming out to shed tears, start a campaign for young girls who look up to you, advice them on things to look out for so as not to repeat your mistakes. You would be pleasantly surprised how many lives you might touch.

Yours Truly,

Concerned Fan

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