Taxify driver; Henry, drags actress; Dorcas Fapson to court over alleged rape and kidnap

January 27, 2018

On the 25th of January, Shola fapson took to her social media and accused one Mr Henry Nnaemaka, a taxify driver of attempted rape and kidnap. This sparked the interest of many Nigerians who expressed their displeasure at the act even before hearing the other side of the story. Some Entertainment stars were also caught up in the web of judging the act of the taxify driver. However, Henry has decided to tell his own side of the story and  stating that what he did was out of fear of the unknown which was brought about by the attitude of the actress. In his statement, he added that when asked about the destination, she began with a harsh tone, urging him to 'Move this car' and when he refused to move, she started making some calls and speaking in vernacular.
Recently, Henry involved legal aid by filing a lawsuit,  in order to sue the actress for defamation of character amongst other things.
A copy of the law suit:

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