Tales of bobrisky

December 12, 2017

It is no longer news, the current rift between Mc galaxy and Bobrisky over his gateman; Jacob's appearance in a musical video, sang in his (Jacob) honor. What is however uncertain, is the fact about the cash gift given to Jacob after the musical video. Bobrisky recently took to his Instagram page to post an epistle of what transpired between himself and Mcgalaxy. In the post, he mentioned how he supported his music career, only to be cheated financially by the musician. He also stated that Mc galaxy wasn't a man of his words, but was used to owing and not fulfilling his financial obligations after a deal was made. In the recent contract agreed upon, Bobrisky mentioned that he practically begged for him to release his gateman; Jacob, for his new music video, which he sang in honor of Jacob. It was stated that he promised a particular amount, but he ended up giving Jacob 40,000 after the video shoot. In his story, Bob risky said he was surprised at the meagre sum given to Jacob, so he collected it and added some more money to it in order for Jacob to travel home and treat his sick father.

Bobrisky and gateman; Jacob.
However, recently, Mc galaxy too to the social media and narrated his own version of the story, in which he said that according to what Jacob told him, Bobrisky actually lied about the money because he collected the money given to Jacob by Mc galaxy and sent him to his father empty handed. He also mentioned that Bob risky was living above his means and the most annoying part was that he was lying about his lifestyle. Jacob also posted a video on the social media, calling for the help of Nigerians to beg his boss to pay him his 6months withheld salary.

Mc galaxy
In other news, Bobrisky's number one hater, Tunde Ednut, released a picture of Bobrisky, when he was being bundled out of his house in handcuffs, following his arrest, about 3wweks ago. He did this in a attempt to shame the gay superstar, while calling him out as a liar, and seeking cheap attention by his fake way of life.Amidst all these allegations ad incidents, Bob risky has been lying low.

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