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Tuesday, 17 October 2017

How to understand a woman

We all have women in our lives. She could be your sister, mother, girlfriend, wife, aunty, or even boss. Knowing how to relate with women has always been somewhat a difficulty. This could be attributed to the fact that women can be pretty complex and you may just not know how to handle the situation.

#Women are emotional. An average woman is an emotional being. She was created in such a way that her emotions flow way higher than that of her male counterpart. When dealing with a woman,(in any kind of relationship; mother,girlfriend) always have it at the back of your mind that women are very emotional. She's not out of place if she cries upon seeing a romantic movie or she becomes moody when you have a disagreement with her, its just something we can call 'woman nature'.

#Women are sensitive. Most women are very sensitive, and most times, this is what causes friction between themselves. Little things can upset a lady, so every action and words count in the meter of a lady. This could also be the reason why its easier for men to settle their differences, than for women to settle their differences.

 #Women are fighters. You can argue it all you want, but an average woman is actually a fighter. However, it depends on how and where she channels her fighting spirit. You may notice her getting too jealous , or looking stupid in love, but this is actually the fighting spirit in a woman. The fact that ladies are more discplined in positions of power can be attributed to this nature.

#Women are complex. Women can be complex at times, especially at times of vulnerability. You may notice she says something, but actually means the opposite. It could be confusing at times, and it takes communication and trust to get a woman to be totally plain at all times. Most women like what they hear, while some like what they see, and so it all boils down to understanding the women you have in your life.

#All women are not the same. Having mentioned the basic traits of women, its not impossible to see women who don't fit into the norm, so when you meet or have such a woman, dont be discouraged. All it takes is a little character study and understanding and you are good to go. Always have it at the back of your mind that all women are not the same.
Understanding a woman is a process, and getting it all wrong form the start could ruin or severe the kind of relationship you have with her.

Sunday, 15 October 2017

ANKARA: More than just a Fabric!

Whether its the love for the fabric, or the pattern and beauty it creates, there is just something about Ankara, that makes it never go out of fashion.
The fabric is said to have originated in Netherlands, with its former name called 'Dutch wax' and it was originally made for the Indonesian market. However, it soon penetrated into the African market(West Africa precisely) and has since then become an ever trending fashion piece. Originally, the fabric was only being sown into dresses, but with the increasing creativity in the fashion industry, it has now been converted into different fashion items.

Ankara bags have found a way to penetrate the market, and it is a must have for every fashion lover. The beauty it exhibits is second to none, and unlike other regular bags, one can't help but notice the uniqueness of Ankara bags.

Ankara shoes have also become a trending fashion item. Ranging from sandals, to slippers, to heels and corporate shoes, you can never go wrong with this kind of style.

Fashion accessories are also not left out in this 'Ankara fever'. You can get them on earrings, bangles, wrist watches, notepads and even phone cases.

The wonderful part about this adorable fabric is that ladies and gentlemen rock it alike. The The fabric has zero discrimination and it also showcases creativity. Depending on the style and color combination, you can transform your piece of clothing to whatever you desire, and the best part of it is, it trends in all occasions!
 So next time you are thinking of what to wear to that event, why not be graceful in Ankara?

Friday, 13 October 2017


Popular Wazobia FM O.A.P; Nedu, and fast rising comedian; EmmaOhMyGod, seem to be involved in some personal clash of recent. The speculations began shortly after an Instagram video was released by EmmaOhMyGod, in which he pleaded with Nedu to stay off his back, and also threatened hell if he refused to do so. He also mentioned that he wasn't one for social media brawls, however, he had reached his limit with what nedu allegedly did to him.

In response to EmmaOhMyGod, nedu also released a video on Instagram, expressing his dissapointment in the comedian, and also calling out his lack of maturity in handling the current situation. The cause of conflict between the two comedians is yet to be identified, however reports have it that Nedu seems to have started the disagreement.

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