5 weird sports that exist!

March 02, 2018

Hmm! Sports.
There are sports and there are SPORTS. Beneath is a list of some weird sports that have been engaged in or are still being engaged in.

I know many men carry their wives on the day they're been joined together as a couple but this is a different thing entirely. This requires literally carrying wives on the backs and race through an obstacle course. Weird, yeah? I thought so too. This sport originated in Finland and there's a world championship that holds periodically there. If you think your wife might be interested and you won't, marry a plus sized woman. Should solve everything.

2. Chess Boxing
Everyone knows of the normal chess and the Wizard chess (Take a bow, Ron Wesley). But Chess Boxing? Hell No! This sport incorporates chess and boxing. It is played in 11 rounds where opponents try to knock out and check mate each other. McGregor might stand a chance against Mayweather in this sports.

 3. Extreme ironing.
One thing I've learnt in life is that there are extremes to every phenomenon that exists. Imagine the normal ironing people do after washing clothes has its own extreme? That's it. Highly unimaginable. Well, it does. It is an extreme performance art that 'competitors' (or whatever they refer themselves to as) go to  remote locations and iron their clothes. (What happened to their ironing boards though?) It is performed underwater, hanging from cliffs, snowboarding and even on top of vehicles.

4. Toe Wrestling
Just as the name implies, it is a form of wrestling that involves the toes. Competitors go toe-to-toe. This weird sports dates as far back as 1976. The Brits tried to establish a sport where they'd gain competitive edge. (So toe wrestling was a solution? Really??) The rules are quite simple: Barefooted, opponents interlock their toes and try to "pin down" each other's foot.

5. Musical canine freestyle.
They say dogs are man's best friends (except Wizkid who has a goat as his. LOL). This is proved in this sport where tricks, dance and obedience training are combined. It is a sport where canines and humans perform side by side. Such teamwork! It is a novel sport but gradually gaining popularity. In fact, various competitions are held worldwide.

These are 5 of the weirdest sports I know. Think of any other? Please share them in the comments section below.

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