Prisca, Prisca and the Yoruba demon between.

December 02, 2017

There are definitely new strategies Yoruba demons are devising these days. The story below will reveal how much energy they put into the cheating game. On her twitter handle, Prisca, (@Scilla_xx) yesterday came out to identify the demon in her relationship. Apparently, her boyfriend of 7months was also in a 3year relationship with another lady who bears the same name with her.
Curiosity got the better of her, and she decides to find out who is getting the better part of her boyfriend's attention and this leads her to the Instagram page of the 'other' Prisca. The informant is a Nigerian, while the 'other' Prisca is a Ghanian. Nigerian Prisca tries sending the 'other' Prisca a DM on Instagram but she doesn't get any response. So she decides to investigate her other family members in order to get a contact phone number. All efforts prove abortive till she gets in touch with one of her friends and her friend helps her continue the investigation and finds the contact number of the 'other' prisca's mum. She calls the 'other' Prisca's number, and at last gets the number of the 'other' Prisca. She sends her texts messages and a couple of her pictures with the Mutual boyfriend; Yomi, hoping for a reply.
Meanwhile, Mutual boyfriend has been acting strange before this revelation. He suddenly picks up fight with Nigerian prisca, and after the revelation, it is concluded that it is all in a bid to avoid the 'other' prisca finding out about the Ghanian Prisca.Y.D even went as far as telling Nigerian Prisca that his mom knows about her(of course, they bear the same name, duh) and lied that Ghanian Prisca was an 'ex'.
Nigerian Prisca has sent all the messages and pictures of her and the Y.D to all Ghanian  Prisca's family members, but no response yet.

The Yoruba Demon; Yomi.

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