Guess who just got back to the country!!!!

March 01, 2018

Amidst lies and purpoted rumors of death, Buhari's son; yusuf, has returned back to the country from his 2month medical treatment abroad. He was reported to have gotten back to the country on tuesday.

Aisha took to her twitter handle saying: ‘We thank God for the return of our son Yusuf today after his medical trip. On land at the airport he was received by the Minister of Health (State) Dr. Osagie, while at the Villa he was welcomed by family members, Wife of the Vice President, the Interior minister.’

Concerning the medical bills, it has been reported that about €5m was spent on his recovery.

Are we missing something here?

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  1. He was received at the airport by a minister... Issokay. 2019 don reach finish


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