NIMET sheds more light on reason for the extreme heat in Nigeria

February 09, 2018

Recently,  there has been a rise in the level of heat waves in the country. In light of this, the Nigerian Neurological Agency(NIMET) has warned Nigerians to prepare for more hot days and warm Nights.  In a memorandum, circulated by the National Orientation Agency, NIMET also advised Nigerians to engage in smart adaptation practices such as viz

-Drinking more water to keep hydrated
-keep a water bottle to remind you to take water.
-Avoid alcoholic and caffeinated drinks during the period
-reduce intake of foods that are rich in protein because they increase metabolic heat.
-Eat a lot of fish foods,  fruits and vegetables.
-Monitor your blood pressure
-Stay indoors between 12noon-3pm
-take cold baths before going to bed at night
 Please adhere since we need you hale and hearty.  A HEALTHY NATION IS A WEALTHY NATION.

Onell Stella
Climate change Unit

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