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November 07, 2017

Sanaco Electronics, is a high quality electronics company that deals with hi-tech gadgets, all kinds of Telecommunication equipments and Electronics. Ranging from Walkie talkies, base radios, Repeaters, batteries, chargers, antennas, Garrett metal detectors, solar panels, CCTV cameras, sirens, Bulletproof body armor to Stun guns. They directly meet needs because companies need these gadgets to speed up their works, enhance security and to make communication swift and steady on a regular basis. They exist to eliminate the challenges and difficulties involved in acquiring these sophisticated equipments and also aid the repairs of these equipments. Sanaco has worked with various types of companies including Security firms, churches, banks, construction companies, Military personnel, Police, manufacturing industries, Schools, the list goes on. Specification of some of their products include:

Walkie talkies: They have different brands of frequencies; HF, VHF Air band, VHF maritime mobile band, VHF and UHF frequencies. Radios are made with specific frequencies in mind, that is a VHF radio works with only VHF frequencies.

The HF band is used by international shortwave broadcasting stations, aviation, communication, weather stations, radio stations and citizens services, among other uses. These radios include the Motorola 2BF Mobat Micom radio.

Base radio: This is used to maintain contact between a group of walkie talkies, it helps extend the range of radio communication as it can go to as far as 30km depending on it's environment and building interference. These radios include the Motorola GM 340, GM 160, GM 140 etc.

Repeater: This is a type of base radio station that increases the power of a radio signal and retransmits it, allowing it to travel very long distances not minding the obstructions in it's way. It's range varies with the type of antennas and it's wattage. It can go as far as 150km. They include the Motorola R300, R500 etc. Copper cables are used in the installation of repeaters.

Motorola Radio

Walkie talkies

Repeaters (100watts)


You can contact sanaco electroincs via email @ or 
call 09051199353, 0818 335 8310.

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