Save your tears! (Amazing facts about crying)

October 11, 2017

Most times, when we think about the word 'tears', what comes to mind is the attachment to emotion. However, there are amazing things you need to know, just before you shed a tear.

#1 Fingers are not equal, so are your tears
According to research, there are 3 types of tears that are shed from the human eye and all 3 have their different effects and components. They are; basal tears, reflex tears, and the psychic tears which are also known as emotional tears. The basal tears help purify, The reflex tears are caused by irritants(such as chemicals, onions,) while the psychic tears are, well, we all know where they stem from.

#2 Men get turned off by a woman's tears
In a research study, the results showed that men detect a unique chemical component in the tears that discourages them from feeling sexually aroused. So ladies, if you are with your partner or spouse, and you are planning on getting down, you might want to save those tears till further notice.

#3....And the winner is....Ladies!
Ladies tend to cry more than their male counterparts and this can be attributed to the fact that certain hormones are produced in excess in the female body, besides, the tear ducts of a female is different from that of a male. While the ducts are slimmer in women, they are quite large in males. Just think of it as a big pipe and a small pipe.

#4 Left eye, right eye
There is a theory that proves that sad tears start from left eye, while those of happiness or excitement come from the right. I guess this would have to be a personal experiment. Kindly take note of where your next first tear falls from. Thanks.

#5 Runny nose
Dont you always wonder why you get runny nose each time you cry? This is because the tears well up in the duct and flow through the eye, and when its in excess, some get stuck in the nasal passage, hence the effect of runny nose.

#6 keeping up with  the 'crydashians'
Have you just stayed up late, doing nothing, and then tears suddenly start flowing from your eyes? You might want to blame it on emotions but the truth is lack of sleep could actually trigger the tear glands and make the tears flow. Try to get enough sleep, if you Dont want to keep up with crying every night.

#7 Where do they really come from?
If you have ever wondered how tears are formed or where they are formulated, then here it is; tears come from the lacrimal gland which are found in the outer part of the upper eye. Dont wonder anymore.

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