March 21, 2018

The Brazil World Cup legend turns 38 today Happy Birthday, @10Ronaldinho, and keep smiling!
He is a football legend that has won 3 La Liga, 1 Serie A, 1 Champions League, 1 FIFA World Cup, 1 Copa América, 2 FIFA World Player of the Year, 1 Balon d'Or.

The Football Magician once said, "I learned all about life, with a ball at my feet."
He has scored 313 career goals and delighted millions with his incredible skills.
Messi: "I learned a lot by your side. I will always be grateful to you for how easy you made everything when I started at Barça. You're amazing with the ball and you are a great person and that is the most important thing. Football will never forget your smile."

Zidane: "Total class – a very, very great player." Maradona "One of the greatest players I've ever seen." Beckham: "He was unplayable, a genius with the ball." Messi: "People fell in love with him, Barca should be grateful for everything he did."Carles Puyol: "For years we didn't win anything at Barça, then Ronaldinho arrived. He's the most important player in our history."

Paul Pogba: “When I was smaller I always looked up to Zidane, Messi, Ronaldinho and Ronaldo. I had videos of Maradona, Pele, Chris Waddle, Kaka - many players. I wanted to have all the virtues of those players.”Ronaldinho also said "Play with happiness. Play free. Just play with the ball. Creativity will take you further than calculation."
Long life and Prosperity football King, Ronaldinho!!!


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