January 12, 2018

Sneakers are also known as athletic shoes.  They are primarily designed for sports or any form of physical exercise but are now often used for everyday wear. They have been incorporated into styling and have managed to remain trendy.  Sneakers are such a timeless and comfortable staple in our wardrobe.  They come in various types to suit your taste such as tennis shoes, gym shoes, runners’ takkies or trainers, chucks, converse, and canvas. What makes them very special is that you can combine them with every outfit. They come in a flexible sole made of rubber or synthetic material and an upper part made of leather or synthetic material and this makes them super comfy, especially if you get them in your right size.

If your job entails walking around frequently , having a pair of sneakers in your bag is not a bad idea. ) they are an indispensable fashion accessory and a “must have” if you don’t already have one. And if you do have one you can add another to the many or few you already have.

Sneakers can be paired formally with your office outfit and informally on days you just want to dress down to feel good or even days you don’t want to draw attention to yourself.

 I love this look! It is the perfect Thursday or Friday office look. Instead of the trench coat, I would go for a long shirt dress or a long ‘boyfriend cardigan’ or a tunic this gives it a funky look. The short black dress gives it a hint of a formal look.  After work, you can go for drinks in this outfit and still slay in it.   


Ladies aside the usual way of wearing your sneakers with a pair of jeans, tees’ or a blouse, try something new. Try paring your sneakers with a long or short skirt.

This is a pair of sneakers with trouser pants. Interesting combo!!! And laid back. 
Pair sneakers on a gown dress with a blazer jacket my ideal outfit on both formal and informal functions.                                      


 Try them also on gown dresses, keep those sandals away for a while and they look beautiful paired on a bodycon dress, on leggings, lovely too on a utility jumpsuit, jeans overalls and much more. You can also pair them with your Ankara dresses. They are absolutely fabulous because they make you pull off the’ not so serious look’ and the’ ooh take me seriously but I’m also fun look’. It is advisable to get black and white color among other colors which easily blends in with any color of the outfit. As a lady, it is an essential fashion accessory alongside your ‘penciled heels’ Guys pull it off easily with any outfit I don’t see why ladies shouldn’t.

Ladies with a pair of sneakers can never go wrong.  However, the way you choose to rock your sneakers make sure you slay in em!!


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