Food for Thought: 2019 Elections.

January 11, 2018

Election year is a very tough and special year every politician and citizens of a country look forward to. As Nigerians prepare for another election year in 2019,the gladiators(politicians) are already arming theirselves with election armunitions. There have been alot of criss-crossing from one party to other, one camp to other, permutations, horse trading and series of bickerings. Election in Nigeria is never about how to serve the Nigerian people, but how to grab power and use it to oppress Nigerians.
The 2019 general elections will surely be different from that of 2015 because the scenario and intrigues that characterized the 2015 elections are seemly not there anymore or probably have been transformed to greater issues.
As politicians begins their campaign soon,the following issues will certainly dominate the campaign and promises by the ruling APC, and it's main opposition; PDP.

SECURITY....The issue of security will be of top burner when campaigns fully start. Though the APC led Federal government has really tried in decimating Boko Haram and successfully restrict them to only fraction of Maiduguri, the issue of herdsmen which has killed over thousands of innocent people will be used by the opposition to hunt them, while others like kidnapping and arm robbery will also feature occasionally.

ECONOMY.....The economy is another area the electorate will be surely entertained. How has PMB been able to manage the economy? Though the Buhari led government has tried in areas of diversification of the economy into agricultural,manufacturing and mining, the issue of how he fared with the economy will be a good campaign too since it was in his tenure Nigeria plung into recession and our forex market became unbearable. 

UNEMPLOYMENT.... According to statistics,umemployment in Nigeria is very high compared to the past years. Buhari promised to create jobs for the teeming youth, but has he been able to do it through his series of social intervention schemes?
According to research, it was noted that a higher percentage of Nigerians are unemployed or underemployed and most also got retrenched as a result of the downturn of the economy. Amongst others, this will be an issue that both parties will be ready to face.

RELIGION... Though you would have thought religion will not be an issue, however, in Nigeria, religion plays a very vital role in our lives and will certainly play a role in the general election. Unlike in 2015 in which Good luck Jonathan (Christian) was pitched against Buhari (Moslem) the 2019 elections might be different, because there will a witness of same religions battling against each other and this will lead to various calculations and will also have an effect on the major candidate either positive or negative..

ETHNICITY...Nigeria been an ethno religious state. Ethnicity also has a major role it plays in our elections and Nigerian politicians in their smartness and cunning ways know this. In 2015 we witnessed South against North, however, 2019 will be different as both APC and PDP has zoned thier  presidential candidate to the northern part of Nigeria. Also the buhari government will be judged on how they managed various ethnic group issues.

Nigeria's elections have always been characterized by pettiness and mundane things and as a result, issues of how governance and government will look like is never really discussed or focused on.
As 2019 gradually approaches, with INEC releasing the election timetable,politicians are ready to hit the ground, running.
Days to come will see more of the campaign mode. While politicians are preparing, the electorates must also be prepared to interrogate them and also be part of the process from campaign to election and finally be more involved in the issues of governance.
Time to do away with stomach infrastructure politics by Nigerians is now.

Source: Ehijele Oriarewo.

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