SHOCKING: facts revealed about Kiss Daniel and his record label, G-worldwide.

December 14, 2017

It is no longer news that the 'Woju' crooner has left his record label; G-worldwide. However, what seems to be news are the conditions that made him leave the record label that brought him stardom. Kiss Daniel was rumored to have left the label outside the confines of the contract, however this is not the case according to confirmed reports. The singer left the label without breaching the terms and conditions of the contract.

Another shocking revelation was the fact that the singer was being paid 30k a month by the label, even after his hit tracks. Although, this was later on increased to 50k a month. Also alleged was the fact that the singer was made to perform a day after he lost his dad, and was threatened to be brought down if he did not show up.

Kiss daniel

Going by the finances, the singer also requested to have the label audited by his legal firm, but this outrightly denied of him by the label.  The label was seen to have made the first in the legal case, but right now things are turning in favour of the singer.

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