26 Nigerian women found dead in Mediterranean sea

November 08, 2017

The bodies of 26 Nigerian women have been recovered from the Mediterranean. Most of the women, aged in large part between 14 and 18, were drowned when the rubber boat carrying 64 sank on Friday while crossing the Mediterranean. The other three victims were collected as part of other operations and transferred the Cantabria as it headed to Salerno to turn over the bodies to the Italian authorities.
 The deceased women, believed to be Nigerian in origin, were recovered by the Spanish ship Cantabria as part of operation Sophia, an EU anti-trafficking force.

An investigation into the deaths of the women has been launched by Salermo prosecutors who believe there is a possibility that sexual violence played a role in the death of these women. The bodies were frozen onboard the Cantabria in order to preserve evidence that may have been lost during the journey to the coast. Full autopsies are expected to be completed at the Salerno morgue within the week.

Source: The vanguard

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