ANKARA: More than just a Fabric!

October 15, 2017

Whether its the love for the fabric, or the pattern and beauty it creates, there is just something about Ankara, that makes it never go out of fashion.
The fabric is said to have originated in Netherlands, with its former name called 'Dutch wax' and it was originally made for the Indonesian market. However, it soon penetrated into the African market(West Africa precisely) and has since then become an ever trending fashion piece. Originally, the fabric was only being sown into dresses, but with the increasing creativity in the fashion industry, it has now been converted into different fashion items.

Ankara bags have found a way to penetrate the market, and it is a must have for every fashion lover. The beauty it exhibits is second to none, and unlike other regular bags, one can't help but notice the uniqueness of Ankara bags.

Ankara shoes have also become a trending fashion item. Ranging from sandals, to slippers, to heels and corporate shoes, you can never go wrong with this kind of style.

Fashion accessories are also not left out in this 'Ankara fever'. You can get them on earrings, bangles, wrist watches, notepads and even phone cases.

The wonderful part about this adorable fabric is that ladies and gentlemen rock it alike. The The fabric has zero discrimination and it also showcases creativity. Depending on the style and color combination, you can transform your piece of clothing to whatever you desire, and the best part of it is, it trends in all occasions!
 So next time you are thinking of what to wear to that event, why not be graceful in Ankara?

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